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"Do not rush into a relationship. Be friends first before becoming more than friends"
Robert Frost

You're you. We're we. Maybe we've done some business, maybe we're about to. Maybe we've been courting, maybe you've just been looking and still aren't sure.

Here's the thing.

While it is true, we want your business (that is grow, retain or earn that business), we would rather that business become a partnership...and with the right mix of time, good senses and too many benefits to list, we'd like that partnership become a friendship. Not in a creepy way of course.
For our part we'd really like to send you some interesting email.

Take a look at the list, pick one, two or all of them (science has almost proven that a good email from great people is part of a healthy lifestyle).

Email isn't your thing? an act of good faith, we won't judge...we'll just put these here and see what happens...

As ever, if you can't find the answer you're looking for, or just prefer email to the phone, feel free to CONTACT US directly.

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About Audaxium

Manage, Automate, Analyse

We are NetSuite experts, Pardot marketing automation gurus, and Analytics aficionados.

Our Team

Audaxium provides solutions for business in the areas of Sales, Marketing, and Operations.

We help companies to optimize sales operations, increase revenue through web stores, automate repetitive back-office processes, modernize online marketing efforts, and improve their customer loyalty.

NetSuite Services

Audaxium has developed several productivity applications for NetSuite clients over the years.

As a result of getting asked to make similar customization requests from multiple customers, we developed SuiteCloud apps that are configurable and user maintainable.

Pardot Services

Pardot Marketing Automation software helps you better engage your prospects and existing clients.

Audaxium can help you implement Pardot. We’ll create landing pages, email templates, and drip programs that help you achieve your goals.

Our team is made up of seasoned professionals who have been in our customers shoes. There are no junior consultants here.

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